Socially Good Spotlight: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s brought the innovation of social consciousness to their delicious deserts and never looked back. In fact, the company was founded on the idea that promoting safe, socially responsible ingredients and business practices is the best way to run a company.

Ben & Jerry’s first step toward becoming more socially good was their opposition to Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone use in 1989. They strongly opposed this practice and additive due to its adverse economic impact on family farming. Put another way, factory farms and large-scale agricultural endeavors utilized this growth hormone, and Ben & Jerry’s wanted to put a stop to it—both to protect the animals and to protect small family farms.

Ben & Jerry’s also used their packaging to support Farm Aid, a family farm organization. This company also created the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, which encourages their employees to give back to their communities by offering grants for social justice programs. When it comes to being sustainable and socially progressive, Ben & Jerry’s is doing it all.

Being a socially good business isn’t just about ethically sourcing ingredients and adopting environmentally friendly practices. Ben & Jerry’s is also known for their philanthropy. Since the 1980s, the ice cream company has supported a number of causes—many of which are tied directly to the business of sourcing and creating ice cream. This company is a great example of how making socially responsible decisions can have an excellent economic profit and impact.