Socially Good Spotlight: Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s brought the innovation of social consciousness to their delicious deserts and never looked back. In fact, the company was founded on the idea that promoting safe, socially responsible ingredients and business practices is the best way to run a company. Ben & Jerry’s first step toward becoming more socially good was their […]

Socially Good Spotlight: Nike

We just did it. We weren’t sure about this entry, but we also wanted to make a larger point. Socially Good Businesses don’t necessarily have to focus on purely charitable and humanitarian goals. There is also Social Good in terms of cultural and political mores. Some businesses can and, arguably, should stay out of this […]

Socially Good Spotlight: Sudara

What do they make? Primarily apparel (women’s, men’s, and children’s), but they also make toys, blankets, and shoes.   What do they do? Every product—from clothing to toys—is made by a woman employed by the company. Sudara protects and supports women who have escaped sex trafficking by providing a platform for creativity and business.   […]