Already Own a Business? Make it Socially Conscious

The easiest way to create a business that gives back is to mold an established company into a socially responsible venture. Becoming a socially conscious business will not only make the world a better place, but it may also help your company thrive. Of course, speaking about how you want to bring about social change is one thing; becoming more socially responsible is another. Below, we have outlined four steps to help your business grow into a socially good venture.


Create a mission. Change starts with a vision. Social responsibility should become part of your company’s foundation; it should begin to shape the values and everyday choices made by everyone fro employees to executives. When drafting your mission, focus on the idea of working locally, minimizing harm, promoting teamwork, and—most importantly—being transparent.


Establish your goals. Social change is only as successful as it is trackable. While establishing a lofty goal (“End world hunger,” “End all wars,” &c) is an admirable endeavor, chances are, your business is unlikely to achieve those ends. Instead, focus on smaller goals that can be attained; start with eliminating food deserts in your city, or donating a portion of your proceeds to local food pantries and shelters. It is important to note that this goal should be measurable—you need to know that you are headed in the correct direction.


Change up your team. It is important to work with people who want to feel good about their jobs. Hiring young, passionate team members is a great way to get a socially conscious initiative off the ground. Not in the position to hire a new team? Bring on someone with a non-profit background, or hire a consultant to help you achieve your goals.


Collaborate with other businesses and organizations. Partnering with likeminded businesses is an excellent way to discover additional socially conscious initiatives. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce, local branches of associations, networking groups, or do the research yourself. This is an easy and effective way to shift your community.